Mini-Projects //

List of projects Dark Project Studios are currently developing and experimenting with...

Infernos - an Ultra-fast tracerouter, scanner & security tool
Working on a tracerouter with various route mapping patterns, port scanning, Geo-mapping and other features.
IconPacks - Fully automated icon shop
eStore where you can license professional royalty-free stock icons & glyphs for use in commercial websites, software, toolbars, menus etc... complete with fully automated payment & delivery system.
Hydron - Internet Visualisation project
Researching various methods of representing complex network architectures and sub-systems visually, sonically and through a combination of 2D and 3 dimensional techniques.
Project-X - Remote systems administration agent
Real-time remote control of a PC through an installed agent, remote WinAMP control, file system administration and PC Stats through Web and WAP access via encrypted protocol interface. Front-end Flash and WAP interfaced with PHP & VB backend systems.
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