+ ARTWORK :: Misc. Artwork :: Lionhead

_:: Tools used
Adobe Photoshop
Metacreations Poser
3D Studio MAX
_:: Description

The underlying mesh of this image was created and altered within Poser, and imported into 3D Studio MAX for rendering with the desired lighting effects.

Adobe Photoshop was then used to add further colour alterations, mirror and distortion effects.

The next stage involved carefully airbrushing all of the 'horns' and spikes and integrating them as seamlessly as possible into the original render.

Finally, the eyes were completely redrawn and airbrushed from scratch and glassed over for the final effect.

The image is designed to be a cross between a lion and a catfish, and has an almost mythical oriental feeling to it.

All images, concepts and designs © 2010 Dark Project Studios.